Picture this

The next few moments will be the best of your life. Every thread you’ve let dangle will come together in a multicoloured bow at eye level, everyone that’s ever left, ever changed, is back, exactly as you remember them best. Yours again. Plucked from the ripest moments of your history and restored! Cue music! Roll credits! Thanks for watching!

It can all be yours for only 9.99, every possible happy ending and promising beginning in high-def, Blu-ray quality, surround sound, directed by Martin Scorcese…

But here’s the sting

You can never ever tell anyone

If you do, you’ll forget it. It’ll all fade away, the smiling faces, the laughing dead that never died at all. Your enlightenment, your moment of absolute joyous clarity, it will never make sense to anyone else.

Can you live with that?


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